Welcome To Soless Property Management, LLC!

Soless Property Management is your true property management solution in North Texas. Whether you are a property owner
needing management services or a prospective tenant searching for a property to rent or lease, you have found a management
company ready to help you!  We manage a wide range of properties including single family homes, duplexes, apartments,
commercial, and self storage properties. Our services allow property owners to be relieved of the burden of screening & placIng
tenants, handle property maintenance, collections, evictions, handling utilities/expenses, and monthly financial reports. If you are
a property owner, come see us and we’ll help make your investment positive and hassle free. The number and types of properties
we manage help us provide numerous options for prospective tenants. Our staff understands that everyone is different and has
different needs. We look forward to the opportunity to provide friendly service and to find a good fit for every tenant.